Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Skeptics Guide To An Inconvenient Truth

Marlo Lewis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute made a careful analysis of Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. He calls bull where needed (and it's often needed). If you've seen the movie, have friends who've seen the movie, or have kids who were forced to watch it in school, this is a good read.

I especially like the way Lewis points out the true moral issue. The following is from the conclusion...
An Inconvenient Truth, Vice President Al Gore’s book on "The planetary emergency of global warming and what can be done about it," purports to be a non-ideological exposition of climate science and common sense morality. As this commentary shows, AIT is a colorfully illustrated lawyer’s brief that uses science selectively and often dubiously to advance an agenda of alarm and energy rationing.

Gore calls global warming a "moral issue," but for him it is a moralizing issue—a license to castigate political adversaries and blame America first for everything from hurricanes to floods to wildfires to tick-borne disease. Somehow he sees nothing immoral in the attempt to make fossil energy scarcer and more costly in a world where 1.6 billion people have never flipped a light switch and billions more are too poor to own a car.

Nearly every significant statement that Vice President Gore makes regarding climate science and climate policy is either one sided, misleading, exaggerated, speculative, or wrong. In light of these numerous distortions, AIT is ill-suited to serve as a guide to climate science and climate policy for the American people.

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